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Posted: 5 Sep '17

The Science Behind Shaw Carpet Flooring’s Lifeguard Waterproof Carpet

Shaw Carpet Flooring

Colour and texture trends will come and go but a constant timeless choice for homes will always be carpet. Carpet has come a long way over the years. The versatility and dependability have consistently made it a popular choice, especially in areas of the home like bedrooms, play areas or living space. If you're considering carpet for an area of your home but are worried about things like spills and stains, you're in luck. Carpet Superstores Edmonton carries Shaw carpet flooring's Life Guard Waterproof Carpet in a variety of colours and textures.

Why Waterproof?

Carpet gets a lot of use, especially if you have kids and/or pets, but with Shaw carpet flooring's Lifeguard Waterproof Carpet, you can contain spills, messes and even accidents for easy cleanup. The spilled substance never penetrates the fibers, making stains non-existent. Your kids and pets can play freely without you worrying about ruined floors.

How does it Work?

Shaw carpet flooring introduced and patented their exclusive R2X Stain and Soil Resistance System in 2001 after years of research and testing. It quickly became the industry's most innovative stain repelling carpet technology. What makes it different is the ability to go beyond just surface coverage to protect each individual fiber, giving the carpet complete protection from top to bottom. So when a spill happens, it never penetrates the wick of the yarn, making cleaning easy. Absorbing the spilled liquid or substance with a towel is all that's needed. Even if the spill sits on the carpet for an extended time, the mess is still easily removed.

Does it Last?

In testing, the R2X system stood up to repeated cleanings and use. Other waterproofing treatments wear away after several cleanings, however, R2X stays for the long haul. And of course, Shaw carpet flooring offers warranty protection on all their products.

Shaw carpet flooring's Lifeguard Waterproof Carpet is a perfect choice for your home. With its variety of colours, textures and patterns, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your family. Come to Flooring Superstores Edmonton today to browse through your options!

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