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Posted: 2 Oct '17

DIY Installation Tips of Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring Edmonton
It's so easy these days to get that classic tile look in your home without the heavy price tag. luxury vinyl tile flooring looks just like the real thing at a fraction of the cost, plus it's extremely easy to install and even easier to maintain. If you're planning on installing luxury vinyl tile flooring in your home, consider doing it yourself. Whether you're a seasoned pro or new to DIY, these easy tips will help you plan the process from start to finish.

1. Even Out the Subfloor

Using a waferboard to level your subfloor will prevent future slanting and misalignment issues. Waferboard is a thin board, similar to plywood.

2. Mark Your Installation Points

Using a pencil or marker, mark the waferboard where you will be applying the luxury vinyl tile flooring. This will help make the process go quickly and avoid confusion during the process. Remember that layout lines should be square, otherwise you'll end up with oddly shaped tiles needed at wall lines.

3. Glue Yourself Out

When applying the glue for the luxury vinyl tile flooring, be sure to start towards the farthest inside part of the room you're working in and apply the glue while working backward toward the entrance of the room. Without doing this, you'll literally glue yourself into a corner. Be sure to use an adhesive recommended by the manufacturer of the tile you're using.

4. Tile Yourself In

When ready to install the tile, work from the entrance of the room inwards.

5. Run a Heavy Roller Over the Finished Tiles

Before applying the grout, the tiles will need to be run over with a 100 lb. Roller. You can rent one of these at most large home improvement stores or rental centers.

6. Wait 72 Hours For Tiles to Set

Don't allow anyone to step on the newly installed tiles for at least three full days. This is why proper planning is necessary, especially if the tile is being installed in a bathroom, kitchen or laundry room.

These tips will help ensure your DIY tile installation runs smoothly and quickly and will get you the best results. Be sure to check out the many different styles, colours and texture options of luxury vinyl tile flooring at Flooring Superstore in Edmonton so you can get started on your project right away!

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